Susanne Stierle


vocals on "Not A Second Time", "Stabat Mater-EP", Wave Gotik Treffen 1998

Ophelia's Dream - Susanne Stierle


Ophelia's Dream - Dietmar Greulich

Dietmar Greulich


composition, arrangements,
performance and programming of instruments

It was in early 1998 when Susanne joined the project. I had planed to perform live at that year's Wave Gotik Treffen. During rehersals for that event, the original singer decided to leave very unexpectedly. So time was short to find a new good singer. Fortunately that search lead to acquaintance with Susanne, who did a very convincing interpretation of the Ophelia's Dream material right from the start. She is since then accompaning Ophelia's Dream... for much longer than any other musician, label or partner.


I started this project in 1995. Equiped with just an e-piano and a personal computer with wavetable-soundcard, I began to program neoclassical midi-files. This turned out to be quite rewarding, so since then, I am running this project in my spare time.

My profession is aeronautical and aerospace engineering.